Analyze the industry segment for your healthcare product or service.

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Establish the ContextA. Determine the marketing goals of your initiative. You should develop at least three specific objectives that apply best practices and align to the organizational mission and vision. B. Analyze the industry segment for your healthcare product or service. Include all relevant details related to population segment and demographics, market size, psychographic or health status segmentation, regulatory influences, payer mix, and key success factors. C. Identify and describe your target markets. Be sure to include all relevant details related to their demographics, characteristics, preferences, and consumer behaviors. In any area where you are lacking critical information, explain the type of data that you would collect to fully understand your target markets. II. Market AnalysisA. Conduct a SWOT analysis for your selected healthcare product or service. Be sure to thoroughly analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats by including at least three items in each category.B. Assess your organization’s competitors using specific supporting examples. You should address at least two competitors, and discuss at least three strengths and weaknesses for each. C. Based on your SWOT and competitor assessment, draw informed conclusions about your organization’s current market position and justify your claims with specific supporting examples.

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